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SKDJ Group is a name that has been synonymous with Real Estate for more than two decades. We have been building and delivering happy homes to our customers with utmost passion, dedication & gratitude.

SKDJ Group had a very humble beginning on the journey to becoming one of the most trusted real estate developers in West Bengal. We started with stand-alone buildings and thanks to our conscientiousness and zeal, we now boast of a diversified portfolio which includes Housing Complexes, Residential Bungalows & Commercial Spaces. We have developed more than 1 Million Sq. Ft and more than 400 Homes.

We at SKDJ strive to offer only the best to our customers which is aptly reflected in the quality of all our projects. Construction standard, timely completion, build quality and finishing are the four pillars of the Organization and we have been successful in excelling in each one of these. Our emphasis has always been on providing aesthetically modern homes to create a relaxing atmosphere in today’s fast paced life.

At SKDJ, the true value of your money is ensured and our satisfied customers are a testimony to this approach of ours.

Over 25 years of experience

Our Vision

  • To provide quality living at affordable prices.
  • To develop environmental friendly homes with state of art amenities and facilities.

Our Mission

  • To build more than 5000 happy homes over 8 Million Sqft in 10 years.
  • To diversify and extend our portfolio by developing malls & resorts.
  • Offer the best standard of living to our esteemed customers.

Our Values

  • To keep customers happy & prioritize customer satisfaction.
  • To contribute to the society by helping the ones in need. We have been associated with various social fronts such as Shikar Nagrik Parishad, Seva Bharti, Friends of Tribal Society to name a few.
  • Work is worship and try to always provide the best in our work.

Our Team

Indra Chand Gupta

Mr. Indra Chand Gupta has been a creator of several successful ventures ranging from salt to oil to restaurants and real estate. He always thrives to create new opportunities for the company. Setting high goals and working restlessly to achieve them has been his major trait.

Kanhaiya Agarwal

Mr. Kanhaiya Agarwal has worked with the best corporates for more than 4 years and gathered vital experience along with various skills. He likes to implement new ideas and engineering skills in all our projects and has a keen eye for details. He is always hungry to learn more.

Kailash Chandra Agarwal

Mr. Kailash Chandra Agarwal is the driving force behind the values of the organization. He has a penchant to create the best living standards for the customers. He possesses unparalleled technical know-how of the business and keeps updating himself with the latest developments in the industry.

Sushil Kumar Agarwal

Mr. Sushil Kumar Agarwal has an analytical approach towards the work. He has a good understanding of the legal aspects involved in the Real Estate industry. He works diligently to ensure that the customers are kept happy and contempt.

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